Monday, April 15, 2013

This and That

Hunter had to sit in timeout for not listening. He was playing in the dog water...again.
Hunter and Eden looking at the fish at the Children's Museum.
Our Daddy Dolls in the kids' Easter baskets won a photo contest and our surprise came this week. The kids were each sent a stuffed puppy with dress blues/a flight suit.
Hunter napping with Daddy and his new puppy. No nap would be complete without his tiger!
Eden dressed herself for the second time this day. She wore her Halloween shirt with her shorts donning flowers. 
I cleaned and filled the hot tub. We're just waiting on the chemicals to balance out and we'll be set for relaxing after the kids go to bed. We'll probably keep it cooled during the day so the kids can "swim" now that it's getting warmer out.

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