Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun Week

This week was a lot of fun. We didn't do much out of the ordinary, but we enjoyed our time together. Eden saw some friends, we went to story time, the kids played in the hot tub, and we just hung around. I was happy to have a semi-chill week that didn't place too many demands on us...until the weekend! We had soccer and a birthday party all on Saturday and we were tired by the afternoon!!!
Eden and her friend Charlotte - this was a scary sight!
We got the "boxes" from the bathrooms changed to vanity lighting {finally!} This project was started in SEPTEMBER of last year. We decided in the middle of taking out the boxes to just re-do the master bathroom, which led to re-tiling the upstairs hall bath. Needless to say, we updated things throughout the house, but this project was put on hold.
Eden drew a football. I drew the one on the left and she drew the one right beside her after seeing me draw one.
These geese were walking all in a row down the sidewalk at the lake that the kids and I run during the week.
Hunter loved his taco salad for dinner.
And Eden couldn't be left out!
We had to take Lane something at work on Friday morning and I was watching Coen for a friend. He was excited because his carseat isn't usually in the back of their van, but it was in mine!
After soccer, we went to a birthday party and there were pony rides!

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