Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Being in the military, our friends have become our family. When we can't be with our family, it's nice to have people you can be with for holidays! Traveling to and from Georgia isn't cheap, so we don't get to do it often, and neither does extended family. It's great to have friends close by that we consider family.
Possibly one of my favorite pictures! They both refused to look at the camera because they were so excited about their eggs.
Hunter loves his buddy!
Angie and Coen
Angie and her boys, Coen and Cael.
The best of Buds, lined up oldest to youngest! {Cael, Eden, Coen, and Hunter}
Cracks me up - they're all pointing, but in different directions! This is Katie and Sarah, our beloved babysitters.
Katie and Coen

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