Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walking already?!

We knew that a new year would mean new milestones and new events for us, but we didn't know that things would start so soon!

Today Eden took her first steps!!! Lane and I were both in the play area playing with her and just watching her as she was getting her toys out one by one. She found the basket that has her balls in it and she was taking one out, listening to the sound that it made, and then moving on to the next one and doing it all over again. At one point, she used my knees to help her stand up - which is common these days. When she was standing I moved my knees out of the way so that she was standing on her own - which is also common these days. Lane and I both fully expected her to stand there for a few seconds and then squat down to sit again...NOPE, she took 2 steps to get to me! Lane and I looked at each other in disbelief and then started cheering and laughing. I'm surprised we didn't startle her with all the excitement.

Of course we didn't have the video camera running at the time because we didn't expect anything new. Lane got the camera and we started rolling. Eden was a little frustrated with us and getting tired, so it took a little while, but she took a few steps for the camera and we got it recorded! How perfect is it that she took 2 steps on the 2nd!

On another note, look for lots of pictures from us this year because we have officially made a New Years' Resolution...A Picture A Day! A friend of mine did this last year, and she loved the results of having lots of pictures of her family. I figure with all of the new stuff that goes on in our lives day to day, it will be really easy to get some pictures every day. So far we're doing really well with it, we have LOTS of pictures from yesterday and today.
New Years Eve as we were putting Eden down for bed

New Years Eve - Lane popping the champagne for our midnight toast
January 1 - Eden found her books under her changing table and wanted to read ALL of them!

January 2 - Waving to her Daddy

January 2 - Having tea at her table from Sara Rice with her Kitty
 from her Aunt Nana and Uncle Papa

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