Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smarty Pants

There have been so many fun things in the past couple of days that I have made myself wait to post and not put something new on here ever 5 minutes!

On Friday, Lane was able to be invited to an Academic Award Ceremony by the Commodore. The Commodore is usually the one who hosts the ceremony, but Senator McCain was on base to be with his son who earned his wings of gold that day and the Commodore was with him, so Deputy Commodore Colonel Grace hosted the ceremony. Col Grace was a funny and entertaining man who was very proud of the individuals receiving different academic awards. Lane got an award for completing the academic portion of Primary in the top 10%. I am a proud wife, of a smarty pants husband!

Yesterday and today, little Miss Eden has also shown us how much of a smarty pants she is too! While I was putting her diaper bag in the car to get ready to leave yesterday morning for the awards ceremony for Lane, he blinked at her to play a game with her, and she will now blink back in a VERY exaggerated way! We have named this game "The Blinking Game" because we're oh-so-clever! When we picked Lane up from work yesterday evening Eden started The Blinking Game without having to be prompted.

Some of the other fun things Eden is doing:
Me: "Eden, what does a dog say?" Eden: "woof woof" in a way that only makes sense to Lane and I!! We couldn't be more proud of her. We're working on "moo" now!!!

Eden points with her single index finger. She heard a dog barking when we were out on our walk yesterday and she pointed in the direction of the dog, and of course followed that with "woof woof" to bark with the dog.

While at playgroup we were talking about kids eating and how they will throw food on the ground. When I said something about Eden throwing food on the ground another mother told me that she was shocked that Eden ever dropped food because "it seems like she's always eating something!" I guess she really is her mothers daughter!

What am I doing these days, you might ask. I'm just trying to keep up with the 2 smarty pants at my house! I'm still goin' strong with my Weight Watchers and exercising. I went to Mommy Fit on Wednesday and today, I ran on my own on Thursday, and yesterday Eden and I just went for a walk. I'm working on being that better Brittany that I posted about a few weeks ago!

A Picture A Day:

January 28 - Lane getting his certificate from Col Grace
January 28 - Lane and me with Col Grace.
January 29 - Eden's birthday outfit. The tutu is from Ms. Whitney ( and the embroidered shirt, bib, and hat are from Ms. Michelle (
January 29 - Close up of the outfit. Can you tell I was just a LITTLE excited to get this in the mail today?! Oh, and the pink fabric sparkles!!!!!

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