Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to the Gym

Yes, you heard me right - I started going back to the gym. Today I dropped Eden off at the child care facility on base and used the gym for one of the classes they offer. I went to a Piyo class and actually enjoyed myself. The class was a mixture of pilates and yoga, with some relaxation at the end. Just what I needed!

When I dropped Eden off she didn't really even seem to notice that I was leaving. I was happy, yet sad at the same time. I knew she was going to do a good job being in there with other children. After I left the room I went to the restroom and then snuck back to see what she was doing (yes, I was "that mom" who was peeking through the mirrored window). When I looked in she was playing with the other children and I saw her lean into one of the other children, which is usually a sign of her giving kisses. At this point I knew I'd be good to go and that she would enjoy some play time!

At pick up time she didn't notice me standing in the doorway, so I went into the room. She didn't notice me in the room, so I stepped closer. She still didn't seem to notice me, so I squatted down on her level. Still, it was like I wasn't there, so I started talking to her. That did the trick! Eden crawled over to me with a big smile and I loved every second of it!

Once we got home, Eden ate lunch and went down for a nap. I know she must have had a good time today because it's now 2 and a half hours later and she's STILL asleep! Yay for drop off care :)

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