Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saying Goodbye is Military Life

Over the past year that we have lived in Florida, we've had to say goodbye to many families as they've moved on for different reasons. The Bible study group I've been going to has a quick turn around. Women here never know how long they'll be here because of their husbands' training. The long and short of flight school is that there are 3 parts and you could be here for just one part, or you can be here for all 3, it depends on what branch your husband is in and it depends on the need of that branch.

Since we've been here in Florida we've said goodbye to the following families (this doesn't even TOUCH on the families that we left behind when we left Atlanta OR Virginia!):

Hakes family moved to Oklahoma
Cole family moved to Oklahoma
Zasadny family moved to North Carolina
Kelso family moved to North Carolina
Christensen family moved to California
Staffenson family moved to California
Hubbard family moved to Japan
Cohoon (single friend) moved to Texas
Anderson family moved to California

And most recently, the Vanwingerdens - the Vans - moved to Mississippi and the Dunlaps will be moving to Texas. The last 2 families mentioned are the ones that are making all of this a reality. Most of the families mentioned we met down here after coming from Virginia, but the latter 2, have been along for the ride with us since Virginia, which makes saying goodbye a little harder.

Lane went to TBS in Virginia with Van and Dunlap, and then went through IFS in Virginia with them too. We all moved down here around the same time and all of the guys have started training around the same time for phases 1 and 2 of flight school. Now, that phase 2 is complete, people are going to different places to complete phase 3 - we'll be onto phase 3 in about a month-ish and will probably stay here. Don't get me wrong, we still have fabulous friends down here in Florida (I wouldn't even want to start to try to name them because I know I'd leave many families out) - and now, all over the world - but going through so much of the beginnings of the Marine Corps with these people and then having to say goodbye, makes me realize the lifestyle that we've chosen to live. I've always known that this part was coming, but was hoping that it wouldn't be so soon.

To all of our military friends and family all over the world - thank you for the sacrifices that you make on a daily basis. It is more than fighting for our country. You and your families have left behind friends and other family members to do what you're doing. It isn't always easy, but it is always an adventure, so thank you for your many adventures!

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