Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stroller Brigade

Today was my first experience with the Stroller Brigade - or Mommy Fit, as the group more commonly likes to call themselves. This morning we did a track that is 1.7 miles and I was in the walk/jog group. We jogged .2 miles and walked .1 miles at a time. I had to turn around and do about .3 more miles total because Eden conveniently dropped her hat half way through the course and I didn't notice it in time, so I didn't pick it up. Luckily there was a walking group behind us, so they saw it and grabbed it for me. It's a good thing too, because it was one of our favorites!

A Picture A Day:
January 22 - Jello, made and in the fridge. Eden started a liquid diet on the 23rd to help get rid of the runs, to help get rid of the worst diaper rash you've ever seen because of teething!
January 23 - Daddy and Baby watching TV together
January 23 - tired baby after a long day shopping
January 23 - the "pillows" on the couch is what we got when we went shopping. The red pillow is a true pillow, the other 2 are fabrics that we got in order to make pillows to go with the new living room decor.
January 24 - evil palms! The thorns are the size of your face...not really, but when you get stabbed by one, you'd think it was that big!
January 24 - the naked palm with the torturous trimmings
January 24 - this will eventually turn into the cupcake tower for Eden's birthday party
January 25 - Grandpa went to LA to be with his mom as she was having surgery today, and he stopped by for a day to hang out with us.
January 26 - our morning with the stroller brigade. This was after our jog/walk, so Eden was tired and not amused at the fact that I wanted to take her picture.

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