Monday, January 10, 2011


In the past couple of days I feel like we've been surrounded by lots and lots of babies. On Saturday I helped to co-host a baby shower for a friend in my Bible study group. She is due in early February and is looking fabulous! I know she's getting excited about meeting little Clara, and she's getting things finalized in hopes that Clara is here soon! While at the shower we were surrounded by FIVE other pregnant women! I couldn't believe it...FIVE in addition to the guest of honor!
January 8 - Taryn's baby shower cake
Later Saturday night Lane, Eden, and myself went to our friends' house for a "See You Later" Party. At their party they revealed the sex of their baby - they're expecting a little one in May. Everyone at the party was given a cupcake and we were to all take a bite at the same time. When we bit into the cupcakes they had a pink filling - they're having a GIRL! We were all super excited for them, and to finally know because they'd known for a few days before telling anyone.
January 8 - Ben and Alison with their cupcakes (the center is really pink, I promise!)
A Picture A Day:
January 7 - Ready to cheer on the Tigers in the Cotton Bowl!
January 7 - crazy hair after bath time!
January 9 - She's started copying us when we blow off her food to cool it down - this is her "cooling down her food"
January 9 - mmmmm, dinner!

January 9 - what a mess

January 9 - as she was going to do TA DA she found a banana on her hand

January 9 - food everywhere!

January 10 - looking in the trash can to see what might be in there

January 10 - playing a dropping game by herself. She started this yesterday. She will drop a toy, grumble in anger as she picks it up, stand up, drop it again, and does this over and over!

January 10 - noticing that the camera was out so she wanted to smile for her picture!
January 10

January 10 - "singing" la la la la in a very exaggerated way

January 10 - but she was excited to do it!

January 10 - she took her pants off. Why, you might ask. Well, I'm not too sure.

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