Monday, January 17, 2011

Bye Bye

Today was the day that we had to say goodbye to Mimi and Pop. It's always sad to see them go (or to leave when we're there), but duty calls and Pop has to go back to work bright and early in the morning. It was a great visit, and we were able to get a lot accomplished.
While Mimi and Pop were here Eden started running a fever and she's not been feeling 100% the past 2 days. We can see her 2 front teeth on top, and I think that's why she's not feeling well. Her nose is stuffy and yesterday and this morning she had a fever of 101.7 which wasn't fun for anyone! I hate to see her not feeling well when there's nothing we can do to help her. We just keep giving her motrin for her fever and discomfort and orajel and teething tablets as she needs them for her teeth. Today I let her have a popcicle to see if the cold would make her feel better at all. At first she didn't like that it was cold, but she came around to the idea of it and eventually enjoyed the popcicle!

Pop started a bookcase for us when we were there for Christmas, and because of all of the snow Georgia got this week he got 3 whole extra days to work on it before coming down here this weekend. It wasn't totally completed when they got here, but with hard work and dedication from all of us, we were able to get it done!

Now, I have the task of strategically filling it. I've moved all the books onto it that I want on it - I think - and the bottom 2 shelves are still empty. Part of the reason they're still empty is because every time I put something on them Eden pulls it right off! That is why I say I have to strategically fill the space that is available. I have time and it doesn't have to be done right away, so it will happen eventually.

The making of the bookcase:

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