Friday, January 7, 2011

A Picture A Day - or MORE!

Its been a few days since my last post, and I wish it was because lots of fun stuff has happened in our lives this week. Well, not really, we're just back to the grind of Lane going to flight school and Eden and I trying to fill our days with anything that will keep her interest for a little longer than a few minutes! It gets harder and harder every day. The family has also been struck by some nasty 24 hour bug, and it has left no one feeling well. I think its moved past us, and we're on the mend - thank goodness, because its the weekend and its Lane's only time to re-coup!

Here are the promised a Picture a Day in 2011:
January 3 - Eden's re-weigh at the doctor. She gained 10 oz in 4 weeks and has to go back again in another 4 weeks. Nothing serious, doctor just wants to make sure she maintains the curve she's on because at 9 months she was 1st percentile and at 10 months was still only 3rd.

Eden modeling her new tutu from Ms. Whitney ( )
January 3 - Splashing in the tub is a favorite!
January 3 - "Catching" the falling water.

January 4 - Waving with Mommy, but looking at her toys and wanting to get down to play
January 5 - Playing in her new ball pit from Uncle Parker
January 5 - playing all by herself and reading books

January 5 - Mess, What mess?!

January 5 - The Happiest Baby I know!
January 6 - She ate from a bowl for the first time with NO interest in the spoon. She ended up holding the bowl over the edge of the tray and tried to drop it. We might wait a little while before trying again.

January 6 - the yummy post-dinner handprint that got left on the couch by the little person that lives with us!
January 7 - in the dishwasher before going to playgroup, she wanted to practice her climbing skills before going to InMotion
January 7 - at play group with L. This toy had LOTS of moving parts and the girls thought it was amazing.

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