Thursday, January 13, 2011

You did WHAT in WHERE?!

Oh yes, it's been almost a full year and we've yet to have an accident in the bath tub...until last night! Yes, occasionally we'll have a little dribble when Eden's toes touch the warm water, but last night was different. I mentioned before that Eden has been playing this wonderfully amusing "dropping game" where she picks up a toy, stands up, drops it, grunts while she picks it up, and then does it all over again. Well, she was doing this in the bath tub last night, but she wasn't. She picked up a toy and dropped it, but as she grunted I realized that it had nothing to do with the toy or the game at all...she was "pushing a prize!"

As all of this was happening, Lane was studying (he has a big test tomorrow) and I was with Eden in the bathroom. When I realized what was going on I screamed and Lane came running. I don't know what I was thinking, but I wasn't thinking clearly for sure. Lane had to tell me to get her all the way out of the tub and over the toilet - instead of over the tub - which was a MUCH better idea! We got a diaper under her and the rest is history. The tub got cleaned, the baby got cleaned, and Lane and I both got calmed down and watched a movie after she went to bed.

You might think that because this was so dramatic that the moment is worthy to fall into my "Picture a Day," but the only thing I could take pictures of was the "after" and none of the "during" while Lane and I were running around like mad. And let's face it, the "after" isn't anything anyone wants to see! I will admit that I would have loved to have had a picture of our faces as we were dealing with this ordeal!

A Picture A Day:
January 11 - our first born babies

January 12 - One of Eden's favorite books to read (Thanks Aunt Angela, Uncle David, and M!!)
January 12 - we just got home from our walk when Daddy drove in the drive way. If anyone tells you that Florida is warm, they're lying! It's been in the 20's at night this week.
January 13 - Eden at drop off care so Mommy can go to the gym

January 13 - We did a diaper change before bath, and so we had to do a costume change too!

January 13 - clapping, "YAY!"

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