Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Morning Girls

This past Monday I started an online Bible study with daily accountability. The group I am a part of is a much smaller version of the blog Good Morning Girls ( and only has about 20 people in it. The group is set up to hold each other accountable for reading the Bible every day. The GMG blog posts worksheets and daily verses for you to read, so that you have a jumping off point.

Not everyone in my Bible study is doing the same study. I thought this would be weird in the beginning, but have quickly learned that with most people doing the book of James - which is what I'm doing along with the GMG blog guidance - the other people who had already started on their own studies contribute to the study what they've learned in their study and it is easier to cross-reference things.

I have enjoyed having this quiet time to myself as I've never been able to keep myself disciplined enough to read the Bible every day. In the book of James, we're only reading 2-3 verses each day and it isn't taking much time. I've even read the verses to Eden some mornings as she's eaten breakfast in order to possibly start a devotional time with her each day. Even though she isn't active in the devotional time, I talk to her like she is! I've enjoyed my devotions when it has been "me time" but I have also enjoyed them when I've shared them with Eden. I will have to start a devotion with her so that I can have the best of both worlds - "me time" and time with her.

{Pictures from the week to come! I haven't forgotten about them, but I think I'm just going to upload them on 1 day so that the blog is easier to read}

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