Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Know Better

I use the phrase all the time with Eden. She gets into things, she pushes, she says things she shouldn't, and then my justification to her for punishing whatever behavior is to remind her that she knows better. But does she? I mean, I know at one point in time she did. I don't think she forgets, but I think my actions can speak volumes to her.

For instance, Hunter took cash out of Mimi's wallet today while she changed his diaper, and while we told him he shouldn't do that, both Mimi and I laughed. Who wouldn't have? My almost 15 month old just took cash from his grandmother!!! And took nothing else. It was like he knew to go for the good stuff. It was cute, but obviously not an acceptable behavior. Later I went inside from cutting the grass and Eden was elbow deep in the wallet. I got upset with her because, she "knows better than to go digging in someone else's things!"

Woah, wait, what? You mean I can laugh at the behavior when Hunter does it, but get mad at her for doing the same thing? How is she supposed to know that when we had laughed over it a few hours earlier? 

She's 3 and getting mixed signals, and I'm the one sending them. Hunter can blow raspberries, but she can't spit. Hunter can eat with his fingers even though he has a fork, but she can't. Hunter can burp and fart wherever, whenever, but she has to be polite. See how confusing that can be? Those are just a few, and I know there are many more! I guess I'll start making sure to get a clearer message across to both kids about some of their similar behaviors.

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