Thursday, May 16, 2013

Disney: The Parade!

When the kids were sleeping, we decided to let the kids sleep while we waited along the parade route. We were just going to let them sleep until they woke up on their own, so we set up camp along the route. Once the parade got started we were excited to be in the shade and to have a good view. Eden loved seeing a lot of the characters that she got to meet during the day in the parade, and then there were the characters from some of the movies that she loves or has seen recently. To see her face light up was so awesome!

Hunter loved to dance and sing with the music. He didn't know where to look while the parade was going on. He watched the parade circle around us and got so excited that the colors were bright and the music was loud and fun. Both kids loved the parade, and the magic of it all was awesome.

 To conclude the parade, they lowered the flag and honored the men and women who defend{ed} our country. With the upcoming deployment, it was all I could do not to shed tears. I got to see my dad and my husband {along with our friend} stand side by side as they were honored and thanked for their service to the country. I was a proud wife/daughter/sister in that moment.

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