Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Motherhood Is...{20}

This week I'm blessed by the fact that I can take a picture of the 3 of these people together - all in the same place at the same time.

Ahhhhhh!!!! How has the time come that motherhood will be "single" for a while? I'm so glad that Lane has been home for all major holidays and birthdays this year. And he should be home by the fall. If he's home by fall, then he'll be home for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Fingers crossed, prayers being sent up, rubbing a rabbit's foot, picking up pennies that are heads up - all that jazz!

As of now, I'm glad that we've had the time together that we have. If Lane had left a week earlier, I would have been institutionalized! Eden got her first ear infection and was put on antibiotics for the first time in her life. Let me tell you - everything combined with impending change, she lost her mind! She was just sitting around, not doing anything, no drive, and no personality. She was not herself. I thought she was forever changed and that we would never get our Eden back - I was scared. I'm so glad that Lane didn't leave right before - or while - she was acting like she was. I'm not sure I could have handled her behavior all on my own. Now that I know how bad she can get, I think I might not be as freaked out about it!

All the while, Hunter was just hanging out. We were pushing him past his bed time, waking him from naps, and he was a trooper {most of the time.} He had his moments, but he was good. Now he's the one that's got the runny nose, so he's a little bit grumpy, but he's ok.

We're all dealing with change in our own way. We're all trying to learn together how to work together as a new team of 3. Eden knows we'll talk to Daddy on the phone and that he can send us mail, so hopefully we'll be good to go. For just little while longer, I'm going to enjoy the fact that all 3 of them can by hugged by me.

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