Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Disney: Riding the Rides!

I was so excited to know that the kids could ride so many of the rides at Disney. I just figured that so many of the rides had a height requirement, so I thought we would be wasting our money on passes to get into the park. Man, was I wrong! They could both do most of the rides. Early in the morning, Hunter took a short nap in our ErgoBaby carrier and I was even able to ride things with him on me.

Our first ride was the merry go round. Eden loved getting to ride it alone with Hunter and me on the horse next to her. Mimi and Pop both rode too! It was a lot of fun to watch the joy on her face as we went around and around and waved at Daddy!

 Our next ride was Dumbo. Eden hasn't ever seen the movie {gasp,} but she was beyond excited to ride. Hunter disliked the wait for Dumbo even though it wasn't too terribly long, but thought it was so cool to be up in the sky - add the fact that you're over water and he was beyond excited!

This was Eden's Dumbo above ours
Riding around and around! 
Eden's first roller coaster ride! I rode with Charlotte - Eden's friend - while Grace rode with her dad, Pop rode with Eden, and Mimi had to ride alone. It was too fun. Grace was concerned with the safety of the ride as we were in line watching the cars zip over us. Eden and Charlotte both thought it looked really cool and were more than excited to ride on the roller coaster!
We ate lunch near Space Mountain, so Lane and I took advantage of having Mimi and Pop around and we rode a big kid ride. It was tons of fun, and this is what we found when we got done with the ride.
When we decided to let the kids sleep {remember, Eden had that fever, so she wasn't feeling 100% when her fever was hitting her and her Tylenol was wearing off,} we figured there was no reason for all of us to sit around and watch the kids sleep, so Mimi and Pop took a turn on Space Mountain. Lane and I wised up while they were in line and on the ride and decided to wait for the kids to wake up along the parade route. It was cool to see the parade, and to get a few minutes to rest off our feet while we gained some energy back.

Once the parade ended, we left Disneyland and headed over to California Adventure park. Eden is still telling us that her favorite ride of the day was Mater. She loved getting to ride in the back of his tractor! 

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