Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Disney: Meeting the Characters!

We have friends with connections at Disney, so when they offered us 2 free tickets and 3 discounted tickets we jumped at the opportunity! Eden didn't know we were going, but she knew we were going on a special trip. Wednesday she started running a fever, but didn't have any other symptoms. We didn't let it hold us back. Tylenol was keeping the fever under control, and we made sure to pay attention to what was going on within her. She was pretty good, so we just went ahead with plans.

 Once we got into the park we saw Mulan and then tracked down a few other characters.
 We went into fantasy land in the park and saw the princesses. The line wasn't that long, so Eden caught a break. She was so excited to see them {even though she didn't know all of them!} She loved talking to the princesses. Hunter loved going into the princess castle, but didn't want much to do with the princesses. We saw 3 total, and he had nothing to do with number 1, then stood close to the second, and actually walked up to Snow White who was the last princess we saw.

 After seeing the princesses {and riding a few rides} we went into Minnie Mouse's house. It was cool. We were able to walk through and see where she lived, how she did her make up, and how she cleaned  and cooked in the kitchen.

sitting in her living room
laying on her bed
fixing her hair
washing dishes in the dish washer
raiding the fridge
in the fridge while her friends bake a cake
As soon as Minnie was spotted, Eden went running! She was more than excited!!

 Of course once Eden knew how fun it was to visit Minnie's house, she had to go see Mickey's house next door.

Hunter wasn't a fan of the {mechanical} chickens that were next to the birthday cake.

looking in Mickey's mirror too!
Hunter was NOT a fan of Mickey! I think it was the smaller room that we were in. He didn't have a way out, he didn't like him, no matter why it was!

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