Wednesday, May 8, 2013


When Eden was cutting teeth we usually had no idea until the teeth were showing. The one exception was her top 2 center teeth. They made life hard - for everyone. She got a terrible diaper rash and had to be naked a lot with the threat of peeing everywhere when she was cutting those teeth. Other than that, nothing. We had no idea when her molars came in, and we were surprised when she had all 4 of them!

Hunter, on the other hand, does not get teeth easily. He is grumpy, mad, sleepy, and in pain! We have to keep giving him Tylenol or Motrin, sometimes both. He's so uncomfortable when his teeth come in! He drools all the time, and he poops so many times in a day. It's amazing how different he is than she was. The good news is that there are 2 more teeth coming through the gums soon! They're at the cusp, just waiting to pop through. I can feel the sharp edge of the tooth. Now if it would just break through, we all might get a little more sleep!

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