Monday, May 13, 2013

Look What We've Been Up To!

Grandma is loving some snuggle time with the kids! 
One day Eden asked us to keep Nugget off her bed, we told her that Nugget doesn't get on her bed. Well, come to find out, her request was accurate! He's been snuggling with her during the night.

The lions at the safari park. Grandma loved going to visit the safari park, and Lane loved getting to go on a day that wasn't a weekend or holiday!
Lane wanted to see the tigers. The tigers didn't want to be seen.
Hunter did not like being in timeout.
What a sad face!
Our little climber! No surface is safe anymore!!! 
Yep, 0 miles to empty on the car! Good thing I took this picture from the gas pump.
Nothing more exciting than knowing Mimi and Pop are so close! 
Hunter eating yogurt on his own.
Eden got a new outfit from Aunt Nana and she loved it!

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