Monday, March 18, 2013

What's New?

Lately the kids have been interacting so much with each other. I just love it. They're doing new things all the time and Hunter is learning from the things that we do {more than I ever thought he was!} The other day he picked up the brush from the counter after bath time and started brushing his hair. I didn't realize that he would even know what to do with a brush! He also "brushes" his teeth when Eden and I brush our teeth. He thinks he's hot stuff!

Hunter is learning to love and be affectionate too. This is probably one of my favorites. He will lay on my shoulder and say, "aaawwwwwe" while patting my back. He gets up from naps and loves on me, there's nothing better! When he says night night to Eden, he leans over and hugs her before going into his room for bed time. He's always wanting to give kisses - that sometimes lead into bites. He's just an all around sweet guy!

Eden isn't lacking in her funny things she's learning and doing! The other day we were at the zoo and she had worn her slippers out of the house. Luckily she had a pair of flip flops in the car so she wore those. As she was walking around the park she got a blister because they aren't shoes she wears all the time. The blister ended up popping before the day was over, so she was in some pain that day. When she was able to, she wore her friends shoes {he was in a stroller}, but other than that she just wore her shoes with a bandaid around the shoe, or she rode on the stroller. When we got in the car she looked at her foot and she said to me, "Oh no Mommy! Where's my skin?" because her blister had popped and she could tell there was a "hole" where her skin had been.

I love my kids and watching them grow never gets old. They always come up with the best things ever and they can always seem to bring a smile to my face at the best times for me!

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