Monday, March 18, 2013

Motherhood Is...{11}

My blessing this week is being pampered.

I envisioned fashion shoes, dress up, and all things girly when I found out Eden was going to be a girl. I wanted to paint nails, have slumber parties, and have tea parties. Eden has been so much fun, and I love that she's willing to get dirty, but I've longed for the day that she wants to do all the girly things. She's recently been wanting to do these things and its just getting better and better every day.

Playing with my hair is one of my favorite new things. It has always been a relaxing thing to me, so for Eden to come running with a brush in hand wanting to brush my hair is amazing! I love that she wants to have girl time with me and that I get some relaxation too. Not all things in my parenting world include relaxing!

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