Sunday, March 10, 2013

Missing Him

The hustle and bustle of birthday parties is over, Mimi and Pop are gone and another weekend has passed. The weekends are hardest. Our friends with "complete" families are doing family things and we don't have Daddy home with us.

He's not deployed yet, but has been gone since before the party weekend. We're coming up on 2 weeks and now that things are slowing down, I'm noticing more and more. Eden has started asking for Daddy when she gets tired or restless. It's almost like she knows it eats at my heart and that I will give her anything to make her heart heal from missing him. I can't tell if seeing him on FaceTime is making it easier or harder in her. She loves seeing him, so I would never take that away from her - but in the long run, the days she sees him are the days it's harder on her. I think once he's set {and not bouncing from country to country} and there's more of a schedule she'll be better.

I guess I just now realize how hard deployment has the potential to be. I ordered the kids their Daddy Dolls today and I'm hoping the Easter Bunny will bring them for them. I think the dolls will help tremendously with the sporadic nature of Lane's schedule until it isn't so crazy anymore...if that's possibly in our future at all.

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