Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pink Party

Eden never wavered with her request for a pink party. Any time she was asked she told you she wanted a pink party and that was that. I was nervous that since I asked her in January that she would change her mind, but nope, she stood strong on her decision for pink. We had a fun lunch with nothing but pink stuff {plus pizza because I didn't want to cook anything!}

Eden's party give-away was a Pinkalicious book for the girls and a Splat the cat book for the boys.

Trying to get Lane on FaceTime so we could include him in singing happy birthday to Eden. Timing didn't work, he was in Greece for this party. Rough life, traveling the world!
Setting up the phone in case he was able to pick up or call back in time.
She loved having all the attention revolving around her.

Anna, Sara {holding Ryder}, and Mimi
Ashley {holding Hunter} and Carlos
James and Mimi

Hunter and Eden enjoying cupcakes together.

Hunter and Luke
The kids eventually found the tv after playing outside for so long. 

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