Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Little Bit of This...

...and a little bit of that. It's been a while since I've posted random pictures of what's been going on in our lives. I've been taking pictures, but a lot of the events of recent times have warranted individual blog posts, so here it is, the pictures of everything in between the "big" events of lately! I can't let the "small" day to day things fall through the cracks!
Our apricot tree is starting to bloom! We'll have fruit in the back yard before we know it!
Hunter was feeding himself the remaining bits of oatmeal one morning.
I've started running at a new location once a week for training with some hills. We stopped here one day after our run and Eden and Hunter loved it! It's just some statue garden in the middle of the park. It was nice and open, but closed off, so I didn't mind letting the kids run around.
Hunter and his pink purse. He loved putting the strap over his head, but he could never get it off.
Mimi and Pop were leaving to go to the airport so they could head to Atlanta. We were sad to see them go, but Hunter was glad to be facing forward!
Eden reading her Jimmy Stories book from Pop. Her favorite story is the one about the rooster.
Hunter with the goats at the Safari Park. He loved that he could run around and pet them. Now, if I could get him to be soft when he pets animals we'd be set!
Walking to the mailbox. Eden wanted to pull Hunter in the new toy wagon. We were actually on our way out the door and Daddy called with Aunt Angela, Uncle David and cousins Mackenzie and Nathaniel to video chat. 
 Eden is playing possum, like I used to with my dad before being dropped off at day care.
Eden at her first ever dentist appointment! No cavities and a great visit. The dentist was very pleased with her teeth and with how good she did!
Eden, Addison, and Derek {brother Zack is running around} on the outside, scaring Hunter and Ryder on the inside. Both sets of kids loved this game!
Hunter found the ladder that I used to replace a lightbulb. I guess he knows how to climb those things now...
My Starbucks mug from Greece. One good thing about Lane traveling without me is that I get gifts from around the world. {I still don't think this makes up for going great places without me!}

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