Monday, March 25, 2013

Outside Fun

While the east coast has been blasted with some snow, here in SoCal we've been living up to the "Sunny Southern California" stereotype. While it's been nice, I have just one complaint...It's only the middle of March. If it's this hot now, how will we survive summer?!

The kids got lots of outdoor stuff for their birthdays, so we've been hanging out a lot outside. On top of that, we just dealt with the time change, so the sun is up longer and we can enjoy the evenings outside too! Last week we enjoyed temperatures well into the 80s, so I busted out the pool that Uncle Parker and Aunt Sara sent the kids and let them have at it!

The water doesn't get quite as warm as I had hoped it would out in the sun, but that's why we have the water table from Grandma and Grandpa beside the pool! The kids can get out of the pool, hang in the sun, but still splash around a bit!

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