Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waiting on the internet

I have a TON of pictures to upload for you guys...when we get our internet set up and working. Everything was supposed to be up and running last week, but something is wrong with the wiring in our house, so we're waiting on maintenance to come get it fixed. Until then, we'll stick to using the neighbors' internet {shhh...don't tell} and get our better connection when our own is up and running. Only then will I be able to get pictures downloaded on the computer and on here for your viewing pleasure!

But, on the upside, we're loving Texas so far and enjoying living on base. Lane has been able to come home for lunch, so we get to see him during the day which is a nice change. Eden and I have been able to walk to the commissary for grocery shopping, the NEX for shopping {its our mini department store on base - a PX if you will}, 2 different playgrounds {one is on our block}, the beach, and when it opens, the pool! It has been very nice to have everything at our fingertips.

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  1. Glad to here things are getting settled for you guys. So sorry I didn't make it to see you off!! Hopefully we can catch up once we get down there. Matt is in the process of finding out if we can stay until the girls are finished with school and their dance recital (June 9th and 11th) I can't wait to see pics of the base housing, as we also hope to live there. Keep in touch!