Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Again

April 11 - Eden was trying to help in her room. I still don't think her room is unpacked yet because of all the help she's been willing to continually offer.

April 12 - Eden on the playground on our block.

April 12 - She had no fear, she went to the top, turned around, and smiled the whole way down!

April 13 - The view of the living room in shambles from the front door! Ugh, I can't believe how much harder it is to get things put away with a child running around!

April 13 - The other half of the living room.

April 13 - The kitchen from the living room.

April 13 - Dining room from the living room/edge of the kitchen counter.

April 13 - Living room from the kitchen.

April 14 - Eden and I went on a walk around the block. This isn't the best picture, but I love that her hair is blowing in the wind!
April 14 - Eden heard an airplane taking off.
April 15 - The moon was huge! This is the view of the moon from our backyard.
April 16 - Eden and Daddy going to Home Depot with me to buy things for the projects that I wanted to accomplish.

April 17 - The picture frames that are around the windows in our bedroom. After my painting experience in GA, I feel like I can accomplish anything! I painted the mat in the frame to match the room and the scrapbook paper that is the "picture" in the frame.

April 17 - the bedroom window with the pictures on either side.

April 17 - Eden at her very first baseball game. We went to a minor league game, the Corpus Christi Hooks.

April 17 - Eden at the Hooks game on the playground. She loved it and just wandered around all by herself {until the homerun horn was blown and it scared her half to death!}
April 18 - Eden playing in her rice tub {similar to a sand box}. I saw that a friend of mine did this for her children and I've been waiting to get down to Texas {so we didn't have to move an extra couple of things} to get it up and running. Super easy...the tub + rice + any kitchen utensils I'm willing to let her play with to scoop, dig, and fling rice EVERYWHERE! I have another tub that I'm going to use for a water tub {similar to a water talbe, but much cheaper!}
April 19 - Eden's first watermelon experience! She couldn't grasp that the red was the good part and the green isn't so good.
April 19 - Another airplane sighting!
April 19 - Look at that belly! She's so great!
April 19 - What a big bite!

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