Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, Eden has killed her first book. She has some books with flaps in it and she ripped one the other day. She ripped it with complete joy, too.

Eden has started enjoying books recently. We've always read to her, but now she'll bring a book to us and sit in our lap so we can read to her. I love that she's started enjoying books {even if she doesn't sit through a whole book and she flips the pages before you're done eading the current page}.

Though she loves books, I only let her play wih her board books. I've been so careful with keeping books with paper pages away from her {because she loves to rip paper} and she found them last week. I didn't think it would be a problem because she was playing so well with them to begin with...I guess she got bored! She started pulling at the flap and when she realized that it would tear a smile spread across her face and she just tore the flap righ off the book!

I think I might put the paer-paged-books out of sight again, at least for a little while longer...

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