Sunday, April 10, 2011

mmmmm Pizza

Here's the post that I wrote on Monday night. Just as I was re-reading the post the computer died, so I decided to just post it later. We have made it to the house {and I will post pictures and about the area when we get home again} and we're currently in New Orleans for Lane's cousin's going away party {he's going to Paris Island on Monday}...

As I sit here in the hall of our hotel room for the evening eating pizza, all I can think about is a) how tired I am, b) how early I have to get up, and c) how delicious dinner was {even if it isn't WW approved}!

We got to Lake Charles, LA earlier this evening. We went to get the pack-n-play out of the uhaul in order to set it up in our room...and everything had shifted in the back of the truck. I don't mean just a few things here and there - I mean EVERYTHING! Things came down that were up top, things moved more to the side, things probably flipped upside down {I wouldn't be shocked}. In order to make myself feel better about possibly not having a single thing in tact once we get to our new home tomorrow, we ordered Pizza {actually, it was the only thing that would deliver and the baby had to go to bed, so pizza it was}.

Eden is asleep in the room and we're going to head that way soon. We have to make it to Corpus Christi by 4 tomorrow and it is about an 8 hour drive. So, everyone sleep tight and we'll talk to yo later!

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