Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Trip and The First Days as Texans

April 4 - Stone Mountain. On the way out of town.

April 5 - The u-haul with the car behind it, leaving Florida for Louisiana for the night.

April 5 - One tired baby!

April 6 - We're in our home state!

April 6 - The Lone Star State

April 6 - Welcome to Texas

April 6 - Houston

April 6 - Home Sweet Home

April 6 - The beach view from the playground on our block.

April 6 - The slide at the pool {that is within walking distance from our house!}
April 7 - Eden just chilling in the shopping cart after buying new sunglasses.

April 8 - The hotel that Lane stayed at while on his cross country in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We were on our way {back} to New Orleans.

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