Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick of me yet?!

Well, I told you that I'd have more time on here now that I'm not wasting time on facebook. Did you EVER imagine that I'd have THIS MUCH time?! Eden has been sleeping and I've been able to put pictures on the computer and get the blog up to date with our current happenings and pictures! You should be so proud...

March 2 - Lane and I {ok, mostly Lane} made meatballs for the first time.
March 2 - Eden liked the meatballs!
March 3 - asleep in the car...again
March 4 - Blowing out the candles on her cake {that sang to her} while eating ice cream with 2 of her buddies!
March 4 - Ice cream AGAIN after dinner! I wish it was my birthday!
March 5 - I just love this smile :)
March 6 - In the car, on the way to Nashville.
March 7 - Walking around at the Opryland Hotel.
March 8 - DE-lish!
March 9 - On our way back home after a successful trip to Nashville.

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