Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Hitting Me Now

As the week progresses, the idea of leaving and going to Texas is hitting me harder. I guess I didn't let it hit me in the beginning because it's been such a long time coming - or at least it's felt that way! We've actually only known for a little over a month that the move was even on the horizon for us.

I think the move is also starting to hit my parents. I think it hit my mom in the face like a ton of bricks when I told her. I'm not too sure how it really hit my dad when I told him at first because he was at work. I do know that yesterday when he came home from work I showed him a project I was working on for him and he said, "I sure am going to miss you when you move." He also keeps talking about needing to make sure we have pictures and videos of him and my mom with Eden for her to watch when we're not here every day. My mom keeps telling me that we need to figure out when we can skype with them after we get settled into our new home.

Though it makes me feel good to know that they're going to miss us as much as they will {not like I didn't know that before} it makes it that much harder. I know that on Sunday I'm going to be excited to see Lane and the friends that I left behind in Florida {most without saying goodbye}, I am VERY sad to be leaving. I'm going to have to make the most of the days we have left, so I've got a jam-packed few days ahead of me!
March 28 - Pop has been sharing his glasses with Eden and then she found some in the office while visiting Mimi, so she tried to put them on all by herself.
March 29 - Pop got his lawn mower back today...and it broke. Eden was trying to help him fix the problem. As they started their project, Mimi pulled into the driveway and Eden was waving to her.
March 29 - Pop discovered that there was no hope of fixing the lawn mower on his own {since a piece of it fell off}, so he and Eden went to look at the flowers in the front yard. Spring is here, there are tulips blooming!
March 29 - Love that girl! She's too darn cute.
March 29 - She enjoyed being able to touch the flowers, but Pop did have to keep reminding her to "be soft" so she didn't break the stems.

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