Monday, March 21, 2011

Pictures, and More Pictures!

Ok, now that I'm over my pitty party (I knew it wouldn't last too long!) I wanted to give you something to feast your eyes on...PICTURES! You know that with St. Patty's day last week, and visiting family over the weekend that I have A LOT of pictures for you. So, here you go!

March 15 - I love being able to workout after Eden has gone to bed! I'm doing the Couch 2 5K (C25K) program and I started in week 4 because I've been doing some running in past weeks. I couldn't figure for the life of me, why this run was slower and MUCH harder than the day before...I was at a 5.5 incline...ugh. At least I only added 11 seconds to my run time {which wasn't a great one to begin with}

March 16 - Eden is getting to go to The Little Gym while we're in GA, and she's loving it! This is during our group activity on the Big Red Mat before we got to go and explore the gym.

March 16 - Bubbles are always a hit!

March 17 - What a pretty smile! Lady Luck playing outside. I'm glad I was able to get her picture before she started eating dirt.

March 17 - Little Miss Green Thumb helping tend to {or rip apart} Mimi and Pop's parsley plant.

March 17 - Loving that Pop is home from work.

March 17 - All she wanted to do was get down off the deck and get into the pond, so I put this chair in her way. She quickly reminded me that she's a great climber and that all I did was make a bigger challenge for her.

March 18 - We passed through Eden on our way to Mississippi for the weekend.

March 19 - Walking around in the back yard while the adults {and some of the little ones} sat at the table outside for lunch.

March 19 - Pop, Mimi, Rebecca, Todd, Lauren, and Karen sitting at the table after eating lunch.

March 19 - Eden got to play in the fountains while we ate our cupcakes for Karen's birthday. Eden has always loved water, and she was in her element being outside with water! So much better than bath time.

March 19 - It didn't take long for her to get water in her face and get her hair wet. She was in heaven!

March 19 - Excited that the water was coming back up.

March 19 - Finally found the courage to try out the biggest fountain in the middle of all the smaller ones.
March 19 - I love that she looks like she's just chatting away with the little boy.

March 20 - Driving home from Mississippi, Talledaga flags


  1. YAY! You have a family blog! I love keeping up with friends this way.
    I cannot get over how cute Eden is. She has quite the smile. Gabriel still tests out the dirt once in a while:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I've given up facebook for Lent, so I've not been able to "stalk" people like I used to. I was happy to stumble across your blog through Rachel's just the other day. Congrats on the new baby coming soon, I can't wait to read up and see how everything goes!

  3. I love the pics of her playing in the fountains!! What fun!!

  4. Lindsey, there's supposedly a splash pad similar to the fountains in Pensacola. We wanted to take Eden last summer, but it wasn't until the end of the summer that we were able to and we just eventually ran out of time!