Sunday, March 20, 2011


As I am coming to the end of a great weekend I find myself sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks. I wish they were happy tears, but I think it's finally hit me that I didn't just come to GA for a vacation, I've LEFT Pensacola and I don't live there anymore.

Everything happened so quickly that I'm not sure I had completely wrapped my head around the concept of not going back. This weekend I got to go visit my sister for the for her birthday [which was a great visit, by the way] and Lane was able to come too which was great. Because he was able to come, it means that I had to say goodbye to him again today, and that wasn't any fun. I had to watch him say goodbye to Eden again, and that wasn't any fun either.

On my way home from Mississippi, and later this evening, I found out that two of my friends [who I didn't get to say goodbye to] who are expecting in August, found out the sex of their babies last week. One is having a beautiful baby girl and the other is having another little boy [her boys will be about 20 months apart!] I'm sad to not be able to be there and celebrate these moments with the great friends that I made while we were in Florida.

I know that the military community is a small one, and there's a good chance that I could run into these ladies again, but I miss my friends, I miss the playgroups, I miss the stroller brigade, and I miss the kids that Eden got to see every week at playgroup. Most of all, I miss seeing Lane every day when I know he's in Florida and bored with nothing to do [when we could be spending this time together as a family because it's the perfect opportunity].

I'm trying to be optimistic, but with Lane's class date being pushed back again and again, it's getting hard to do! I will make it through, this is NOT the hardest part of life that we will have to endure as a family, and for now I will enjoy being close to family and friends who won't be so close when we [finally] move to Texas.


  1. Sorry its all worked out this way for you guys, it must be difficult. I will be keeping you all in my prayers that this time goes quickly and smoothly!! Keep hanging in there.

  2. Thanks! I will be stopping over in Pensacola on our way to TX (whenever that is) and I'll try to remember to text you when I know when we'll be there!