Monday, March 14, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

Eden and I made it to my parents' house safe and sound! We are here and the car is unpacked.

Eden had a little bit of a hard time getting to sleep tonight, but I can't say I blame her! Her schedule {if you can call it that these days} has been a little thrown off recently. We went to Nashville and she didn't sleep well while we were there. When we got home, it took her a night or 2 to get back to her sleeping habits of falling asleep on her own and staying asleep in her bed without one of us holding her all night.

After those adjustment nights she had her world turned upside down - and that happened FAST! She went to bed one night and when she woke up Grandma and Grandpa had gotten to the house {after Mimi and Pop showed up right before she went to sleep}. The next night she went to bed only to wake up and half of her house was "missing." We used the valuable time that we didn't have to have hands and eyes on her at all times to pack more and more stuff. And then again, when she went to bed last night her room was empty except for her crib {this is not normal for her, she has a dresser with a hutch, a changing table, rocking chair, lamp, and shelves and pictures on the walls that were all missing} and she woke up to a completely empty house. By the time we pulled out of the driveway this afternoon the only stuff that was left were the things that Lane was taking with him. I'm sure all of this has totally confused her. If I were her, I wouldn't want to go to bed either, because you never know what's going to be out of place when you get up.

I'm not sure that anything has totally hit me about being gone. I didn't really have a chance to say goodbye to anyone down in Florida because everything happened so quickly. I'm hoping when Lane gets his orders that I can go down and meet him there, say goodbye to friends, and then head to Texas. It is about 18 hours from here to Texas, so I know I will have to break it up into at least 3 legs for Eden's sake {what am I talking about...I don't want to be in the car that long either!} Pensacola isn't exactly on the way to Texas, but it isn't totally out of the way either. I'll have to talk to Lane and see if we can get something to work out in order for me to get back down there.

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