Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crafty Weekend

This weekend was a sort of uneventful weekend for us. I did some shopping {Joanns was having a pretty big sale and I got some good stuff!}, we hung out with Mimi, and Pop played in a golf tournament {in the rain - boo!} Because I found such great deals this weekend, I did a lot of crafting and making things. I guess the rain and gross cold weather out helped a little bit too.

Video chat is becoming a regular thing for us now-a-days. Eden waves to Daddy and he gets to help with bath time and he gets to watch her play, just like I do! We sure are lucky to have this kind of technology. I know Eden loves to be able to see Daddy - she tries to hug him, kiss him, she waves at him, and she'll even show her where her tummy is when he asks her. I hope in the next couple of days she gets to do all of that to him and not a computer screen...

March 21 - I'm still working hard!

March 22 - Sami, Marylynn's youngest.

March 22 - Eden figured out that she could ride around on the scooter at Marylynn's house.

March 22 - Eden and Kate played with sidewalk chalk while Brie had to take a nap. Sami, Marylynn, and I watched with amusement as Eden tried to eat the chalk...

March 23 - Eden got to do some land surfing at The Little Gym. She did a good job putting her hands out in front of her and tucking her head at the end to do a forward roll.

March 23 - She found the low bar during exploration time.

March 24 - Avery {my cousin's child} had a fun run fundraiser for school and Sara Rice and I walked over with Eden to meet the rest of Avery's fan club to cheer her on. This is also the elementary school that I went to as a child.
 ***Friday's pictures from the Yellow River Game Ranch are going to have to wait. I took them with the video camera {because I thought I had lost the still camera - ugh, long story} and the cords to upload the pictures are in Florida in storage somewhere...***

March 26 - I got this picture frame and made it into a weekly calander for our house {whenever we have one again}. I just used scrapbooking supplies to decorate the mat of the frame before putting the glass back on. To put it to use, all you need is a dry erase marker. Real easy, super cheap, and a stress relief for me!

March 26 - a close up of the stickers {and some of the scrapbooking paper that I used instead of a picture in the frame}

March 26 - More crafting! A sponge ball that I made. I got the idea from One Charming Party. Eden loves water, so I figured I'd save a buck by making at least some of her water toys if I can get away with it! All I had to do was cut sponges into strips of 4 and twist them, and tie them with floss!

March 27 - Eden doesn't quite know how to differentiate the different cabinets at my parents' house, so I made her some red stop signs to help her learn no/stop/not allowed {and tied the cabinets together}, and then printed her name in green {for "go"} to let her know which cabinets she's allowed to get into.

March 27 - My rocking chair from when I was a kid is getting a makeover for Eden. It is in great need of it! I made the back pillow tonight, and tomorrow I will break out my dad's air staple gun to put the fabric on the seat. I will also have to hem the skirt {dots} and then staple gun that to the chair. See, I told you...I'm getting crafty!

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