Monday, March 14, 2011

The Move

And the days leading into The Move That Will Live in Infamy:
March 10 - home from Nashville, ready to go to her friend's house to play!
March 11 - The suitcase that was still packed from TN. It was honestly unpacked to be packed!
March 11 - Lane taking apart the desk and printer table in the office after Eden had gone to bed. This was the start of a LONG weekend.
March 12 - I guess this was the only safe place to play in her mind. Everything else she saw was being put into boxes or shrink wrapped.
March 12 - The storage unit after just one drop-off. At this point I was worried that we would never be able to just have 1 unit!

March 13 - The living room from the front door. What a sad thing to see!

March 13 - The storage unit after 2 loads had been piled in. Only 1 more load to included 3 mattresses, a washer and dryer, and other big items! I'm not sure how it all fit {or how it PLUS a motorcycle} is going to fit into a truck to go to Corpus.
March 13 - Pop was sick this whole weekend and had almost no endurance to even walk across the house, so he took on "Baby Duty" a lot of the time. The dryer was in the "holding area" so they made the best use out of it that they could.

March 13 - After the unit was totally packed and ready to be shut until further notice.

March 14 - Eden likes to "love" on Ginger, so when she found her in the kennel, she went in to lay with her and give her kisses.

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