Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picture Post

We were watching a movie downstairs and she fell asleep before even getting up the stairs. She never falls asleep on me, or cuddles, so this was a real treat!
Eden and Cael playing doctor. They would say to each other, "Where's your heart?" and then proceed to listen to each others heart. They were playing so well together, I didn't want it to end!
Morning hike!
After our hike and our errands she told me she "wasn't tired" when it came time for nap time! Yeah, right!
This is how I found him one morning. Just hanging out in his crib!
Friends at the zoo. Charlotte, Eden, Grace, and Cael. Coen and Hunter were bound to strollers, so they missed out on the picture.
Saying Hi to Daddy. He re-gained cell service on his trip {he didn't have it for about a week} so we had to send a picture and try to video chat with him.
My view on a morning run. This is the girls after we were done with our run {and Anna}
Hunter is still trying to grasp how to use the bathtub crayons. So far, there's little success with the proper use.

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