Sunday, January 27, 2013

Motherhood Is...{4}

My blessing this week is that this handsome man {the older of the 2 seen here} is home safe and sound!

For the past 2 weeks he's been on a road trip. Don't get me wrong, he had plenty of "down time" in Hawaii and Wake Island {the teeniest, tiniest place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean}, so he wasn't living a rough life by any means. This was the longest trip we've dealt with, just the 3 of us. When Lane went on his around the world trip he was gone longer, but the kids and I had already planned on a trip to Georgia, and it was right in the middle of his trip. We only had a few days on either end of his trip that we were alone. This time, it was 2 weeks, and it started out as only being a week. The extension of the trip and the unknown of when he was coming home {it changed every day, and some days more than once} was what was the worst part about it! The coolest part {in addition to him being home with us again} is that he was gone to escort a squadron coming home from deployment! I love that part of his job. He gets to be a part of so many exciting events for other people! How cool to get to accompany people who are getting to see family for the first time in months? So awesome!

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