Friday, January 18, 2013


This year is already flying by! I can't believe I haven't put up any of our "daily" pictures! Time is just slipping by and I don't have a great excuse. At least I haven't been completely MIA and there's been some goings on on here!
Eden is really taking after me! She wanted to have a picture of her baby.
Ready for the Notre Dame game that night. {It didn't end in our favor!}
Eden helping Mrs. Cox at story time. They  were doing "Brown Bear" and Eden got to be the purple cat.
Eden asked me to lay on the beach with her. She put down a blanket and everything.
Now that Hunter drinks from a sippy cup, he thinks everything is a cup {even lotion!}
If Eden is showing the number 2 with her hands, this is how she does it! It looks awkward to me, but she's never done it any different.
The kids got to use the bath tub crayons during bath time. Eden was excited! 
Melts my heart! 
The day before this, Hunter cried on our run for a solid 50 minutes. This day he was sleeping the whole time. I had to take a picture to prove to Anna that he did this because, after the day before, she never would have believed me!
The morning of our 10k, this was the weather when I woke up. Cold and not getting much warmer!
The kids ready for the Flight Line Dash. I think they were a little less than thrilled!
When Mommy runs, Hunter gets tired! He's just too sweet!
Eden took her book to bed with her while she waited for me to nurse Hunter.  She fell asleep before I could read it to her though.
Times from the race. {Lane is actually Anna.}
The sunset from my bathroom window. Eden noticed the moon and I couldn't resist a picture!
Eden came up to me and told me she was Mr. Mark from Yo Gabba Gabba. The best part about this is that she is 100% correct because he's the Mark from Devo {"Whip It"} and they wear red "flower pots" on their heads.
I love when he sleeps like this!
What do you mean I shouldn't stand on the dishwasher?!
Eden and Hunter before bedtime. I wanted to send this picture to Lane since he's on the road and missing them.
Hunter was worn out from going to the playground that morning.
Eden's picture to send to Daddy. He was able to chat with us online when we got home, so it was nice to let him "see" us even if we couldn't see him.
Mommy's picture for Daddy! He isn't missing just the kids ya know!
Eden took a nose dive off the picnic table onto the patio. I was so concerned with her goose egg on her head that I didn't even notice that she bumped her nose too! You can't even tell she hit her head, but man, that nose! Owie!!!

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