Saturday, September 21, 2013

Granny Smith

Throughout my kids' lives I've always tried to make sure that we've always got something planned. Something on the books. Having things to do is what keeps all of us sane. Another spouse with Lane's squadron started a playgroup and asked if I'd help her out with ideas. We've done the Children's Museum downtown, we're planning on a pumpkin patch next month, and we went apple picking today. 
It was a lot of fun running around at the orchard and grabbing apples as we went along. The orchard we visited was an organic orchard, so the kids were able to eat the apples right as we picked them. 

 There were things throughout the orchard for the kids to play with and on. Hunter loved the tractor, Eden loved the swing, and they all loved the freedom. We were also able to sit down and have our picnic lunch in the middle of everything. Just being outside, breathing the fresh air, was a great stress reliever!

 When we sat down to eat lunch, Lane was able to call and say hi. It was fun to talk to him and let him watch the kids run around. While we were talking the connection was starting to get crummy...big shocker, I know! This time when the connection was crapping out, Lane's face started looking funny. He couldn't understand why we started laughing, so I took a screenshot of the phone and sent it to him.
 After lunch, we continued running around and finished filling our apple bags. Hunter gravitated back towards the tractor and climbed again. Eden did a great job making sure we filled our bags with granny smith apples because we were told that they're the best for apple pies.
 As soon as we got home, that's exactly what I did. I made an apple pie. I had crust in the freezer already, so I didn't make that from scratch, but I did make the filling from my freshly picked apples! I can't wait to try it.

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