Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This year we're doing Halloween alone. The kids and I will celebrate by ourselves, but that doesn't mean we can't help Lane celebrate. We made sure to spruce up a box of orange and black with some spiderweb paper too!

I threw in some random, cheap Halloween things for the guys. There was a glow in the dark mustache and side burns, some pirate eye patches, and some candy. In addition to about 6 or 7 bags of candy corn and some pumpkin spice M&Ms we included some art the kids made. I got a cardboard 3D pumpkin that they kids got to paint. They enjoyed just being able to decorate the pumpkin so we could send it to Daddy.

My favorite things in the box are these envelopes! There's one for Lane that he has to open with Jay, too.
 Inside is a clown wig and some tissues that say "BOO!" Both guys have a fear of clowns, so Anna {Jay's wife} and I thought this would be really funny to send them. What's Halloween without a friendly prank? *Please note that I said friendly!!! I could have included a scary clown mask if I wanted to be mean, but I didn't!*

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