Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hunter's World

Hunter is starting to speak more and more every day. Most of the time you have to be in the situation to know what it is he's talking about, but I love that he's talking. At his 18 month well baby visit last week {a month late} one of the questions was if he says 50 words. I very quickly thought, "heck no! He hardly talks at all!" because Eden was an early talker and I think I compare them {even when I try my hardest not to} I decided to really pay attention to him throughout his day and see how many words he really does say and I discovered that he talks more than I thought.

Cap - clap {standing on the wall outside dancing with Eden}
Dah - dog
Hep - help
Pea - please
Ta tu - thank you
Ta tu mama
Bye bye
Hee-ah - here
Wa-er - water
Nigh nigh
Sue - shoe
Cah - car
Bike {and he knows that daddy's bike says vrooooom}
Gi-ger - Ginger {to him, both dogs are Ginger}
Ah dah - all done
Nack - snack {accompanied by trying to get in the pantry} 
Why - white {requesting a "Daddy kids" because Eden asks for the white ones}
By - asking for a bite of something
Ti-er - tiger
Uh oh
Bob - Pop
Bah - ball
Dah - up 
Dah - down
Ih hurr - it hurt 
Co-yur - color
Hay-ah - hair {he mostly says this when the wind blows his hair}
Bah - bath
Mir - more
Ligh - light
Bo - bowl
Mok - milk
I love you - this one is one that no matter how hard I try to sound out the phonics, it doesn't work!
Dah - that
Pah-ee - paci
Uh huh
Ha - hot
K? - this is asked after anyone coughs or sneezes
Ho - hold {most often talking about the phone when we get to FaceTime with Lane}
Grandma/grandpa - the other ones that phonics can't be figured out. But they heard it when we were in Grorgia and that's what counts!
Eee - Eden 

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