Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Place Cards

My mom isn't sleeping much these days. She's up all hours of the night compiling lists of things that need to be done before the wedding. {If she was this stressed out about my wedding, she did a great job of hiding it!} This go-round, all she has to do it the rehearsal dinner! My goodness, the woman needs to get some sleep! Anyways, we were up late texting one night and trying to come up with different ideas for place cards at the rehearsal dinner.

I also needed to come up with an idea for shoes for Eden. I wanted silver because I thought they'd be able to be worn more often, but we decided gold was the best route for wedding colors. Sara's going with a "fall" color scheme, so gold works better than silver, for sure. I found shoes, and I ordered them.

Does it get any better than a beautiful pair of glittering toms?! I mean, she can wear them with her jeans this fall, and she can wear them comfortably for the wedding. Win-win in my book! Ok, so one item checked off the to do list of Mom's!

Now I was off to scour pinterest to find place card ideas for the rehearsal dinner.
I found a bunch and then we finally decided on one of them and I was off to get to work! I had to buy the paper for them {we decided on the top right place card} and get cutting. I thought paper choice was going to be the easiest part of the whole thing, but in actuality, it was the hardest! An hour in Michael's was no fun with screaming kids and an indecisive me.

And then we had to decide on a shape to cut the top layer of the place cards! I was going to use my crucit cutter, but I had to narrow down the idea of the cartridge to use. After that I had to decide what shape we actually wanted to use. This was almost as hard as picking the paper! But not quite...surprisingly!

The decisions were out of this world! I had no idea that making one simple place card could be so difficult. {*It wasn't hard to was SO hard to decide on!*}

How big did we want them?
 Did we want to use the "t" stamp or not?
 Did we want to hole punch the layers and tie them together with twine?
 Or, did we want to glue them?
 In the end, we made them an inch bigger than they shown above, kept the stamp, and glued them instead of tying them!
I'm happy to say that the place cards only took about an hour after all the choices had been settled. I cut them, glued them, stamped them and it was over and done with. I'm so glad it wasn't so hard the whole way through! I'm excited to see them "in action" at the rehearsal dinner in just a few weeks! Ahhhhhhh! Just a few weeks?! How is my baby brother getting married so soon?! I'm so excited! {As long as I'm able to get my laundry, yard work, house work, and everything else under control before I head home!}

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