Sunday, September 15, 2013

Motherhood Is...{37}

I'm blessed by motivation.

I made a goal for 2013 to run 365 miles this year. I made my goal months before the end of the year, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. There are days that I don't want to get out and do it, but I do. There are days that are so hot, but I get out there. The kids see me do it {they did about 300 of those miles with me, if not more!} and they know how important it is to me. My miles keep me healthy and they keep me sane. I'm proud to have reached my goal, and I strive to keep it up. I'm hoping to make it to another 100 miles before the year is over!

My kids, my family, my health all motivate me. In the end, I'm a better mother and wife when I know I'm helping myself to stay healthy!

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