Thursday, September 19, 2013

Picture Post

I can't believe how much time has passed since I posted pictures of our every day! We've been super busy, and just trying to keep up with the busy pace of life. Eden is still loving dance, Hunter is still crazy {it's a minor miracle if he's not climbing or falling from something!} We have fun playing with our friends, and we've made sure to soak up the last few days of summer before the fall hits {and it can't hit soon enough!}

Making a pumpkin for Daddy's Halloween box.
Eden's mosaic for the Halloween box. I should have read how many stickers there were before I decided to buy this one. 200 stickers is quite a lot of stickers for a 3 year old!

This nasty guy was on my tomato plant! He was HUGE!
Ginger the morning after getting her stitches.
The kids love to cuddle her, and Eden loves that she can help take care of Ginger.
Hunter couldn't be left out of the cuddling! He was yelling every time he saw her, "OWIE!!!!!"
My handsome little guy at lunch after church.
The kids enjoying a day at the "beach" with friends. This beach had no waves and had grass that we could sit in while we watched the kids play. 
Eden and her friend Sadie.
Sophie got ahold of Lane and loved walking around with him. 
Hunter is a lover of shoes!
Eden went on a photo shoot one day. She took pictures of me and Hunter, the dogs, herself. 
Hunter brought me his diaper and I told him to put it on. This is how it ended up! It was funny to watch him try. In the end he was very frustrated with the fact that he "put it on" and it just fell when he took his hands away.
Poor Eden, getting sick.
Still not 100% but we needed to get some fresh air. We took a day at the Safari Park and my heart melted to see them walk around together.
It was a hot day, so the kids got some lemonade. Hunter loved having his own cup!
We discovered a new part of the park, and there was a water pump that Eden liked using.
The elephants are my all time favorite animal at the zoo! {And check out that beautiful tree!!!!}

He was reaching up to try to get treats from the trainer {that's his shadow right in front of the elephant}
Bed head
This is in addition to the 10 bags I already put out! I spread 13 of these and I have 18 more to go. I just have to get the weeds up before putting the mulch down.
She was being such a good big sister while I was doing the mulch!
Hard at work! Who needs a green thumb, when you can have a red hand instead?!
Awesome big sister moments were over at this point. She didn't think she'd get in trouble because she was hugging him...
But this is what HE thought of the hugs! He was pinned down and couldn't get up. He was just a little bit mad.
Sweet crazy girl still isn't feeling well. She's had a fever off and on since Saturday. She found her way into my bed a few early mornings when she woke up coughing.

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