Monday, September 2, 2013

Football Season

Football is Lane's other lover! It doesn't matter what game is on, he needs to watch it for some reason or another. It could indirectly have an effect on the standings of his team, so he must know what happens. It drives me crazy! Well, this football season I might say otherwise. We won't have it on in the background on both Saturdays and Sundays {college and professional} and I probably won't have much of an idea of what's going on anymore. With Lane being gone {and us not having cable! yeah, we got rid of cable way back in February and I haven't looked back since!} we won't be watching much of it. That doesn't mean that I can't spoil him with his care package.

Here's a peek at his LSU care package.

I figure I'd include some foods for the guys to share. Well, hopefully share. And, hopefully it will be decent. One of Lane's favorite party/snack/football foods is a 7 layer dip, so I modified it and hopefully it will work out. It's the "Deployment 7 Layer Dip" with all of the fixings for it. The velveeta isn't exactly the same kind of cheese that I'd put on mine at home, but it'll work. I also like my dip with sour cream {mixed with taco seasoning!} and guacamole, but for obvious reasons I'm not sending those things.
 I had a cheap-o hand grater and can opener that I was able to include in the package. If they make it back home, great; if they don't, that's completely alright with me. The pie tin is for the dip to be prepared in, and the chips are for enjoying the dip with.

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