Sunday, September 15, 2013

Motherhood Is...{36}

This week I'm blessed by cuddles.

I expected nothing less of Hunter. He's always been my cuddler. But look at that picture! BOTH of my kids wanted to cuddle with me in the same night! And believe it or not, it wasn't all at once, so there were no fights about it. Can it get any better?

I was talking to a fellow deployment spouse about the importance of physical touch while your spouse is away. She's 9 months pregnant {being induced as we speak actually!} and she's sad that it isn't easy to cuddle with her girls. Right now, our children are our only version of physical touch that we have. There are spouses out there - our husbands included - who don't have the reassurance of this kind of love while they're going through deployment. Some wives don't have children. Our husbands are more than likely not overseas cuddling together. They don't get this kind of affection. I get hugs every day. I get kisses every day. My kids love on me, want to be held, want to have their owies kissed. I get some sort of physical interaction from another human being each and every day.

Before Lane and I got married we were told to read the book on the 5 love languages. We were told that if we could read and understand each other's main languages that it would help us through our marriage. Of course we both speak different languages {because life would be too simple if we spoke the same languages!} so I've had to try to learn his so I could love him in a way that speaks the loudest volumes to him. His top language is physical touch - and it goes beyond the intimate/in the bedroom kind of touch. It goes to the cuddling, the back scratching, the hand-holding, the small touches that you don't realize are happening sometimes. Can you imagine this as your first love language and you're not able to receive it? How crappy. It isn't even my number 1 {or 2 or 3} language, and I cherish the cuddles that I've gotten since Lane has been away!

So this week I'm blessed by being able to have cuddles by my kids. The cuddles make missing Daddy a little bit more bearable for all of us!

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