Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eden was stomping around at tap in her dance class, so Hunter wanted to dance along.

Painting at the Children's Museum

Hunter took a spill on his bike. 
Ugh, nasty kid! He put his face in something in the middle of the road.
And the next night he tried to eat dirt.
My beautifully - sort of - freshly mulched yard. I put out 10 bags, but I still need 20-30 more...
Hunter and Daddy walking out from church.
I made doughnuts for the kids. They weren't pretty, but the kids thought I was super mom.
Hunter only wishes he could get the doughnuts off the counter.
My parents sent a box of random stuff from their house that I left on my last trip to Georgia and Frasiers towel was included in the box. I'm not sure when I finally won't be teary-eyed when I think about him or see a picture of him, but for now I miss him...
We started Daddy's bike for him and I wanted to make sure he knew that it worked.

Pool party at a friends house!
Another bike riding accident. This time he just wanted to play with a tire on a bike that was laid down and he lost his balance and bumped his face on it.
Hunter's last molar is not any fun! His gums are swollen and blistered. I can't wait for this tooth to just come through already.
I got a pumpkin spice coffee and I had the urge to start decorating for fall. 
He wanted more water, so he took his cup to the fridge and reached up. When he realized he was too short he said, "uh oh!" and that was my thought exactly! What on earth will I do when he can reach this?!

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